Nkechi Obi at the OAL Sports Business and Development Summit 2023


Nkechi Obi, the CEO of Sport Nigeria LTD/GTE, took the stage as a speaker at the recently concluded OAL Sports Business and Development Summit 2023.

Her presentation focused on the compelling topic of making sports more appealing to investors, providing valuable insights and highlighting the crucial elements necessary for the advancement of sports in Nigeria.

Leveraging her vast expertise and experience in the sports industry, Nkechi shared enlightening perspectives on the challenges faced and the key factors that contribute to the success of sports in the country.

During her presentation, Nkechi emphasized the collective desire for sports to thrive in Nigeria. She acknowledged that while many people express their support and enthusiasm for sports, there is often a lack of commitment when it comes to putting in the necessary work. She urged the audience to move beyond mere words and take tangible actions to propel the sports industry forward.

She stressed that sports, unlike creative endeavours, require a range of essential elements to flourish. These include well-equipped facilities, high-quality kits and equipment, competent coaches, financial resources, and a circle of investment. Nkechi highlighted that without these crucial factors, it becomes challenging to attract investors and create sustainable growth in the sports sector.

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