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OAL offers legal, structural, and regulatory solutions for entrepreneurs and startups.

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The uprising of Startups in Nigeria is indicative of potentials for growth in Nigeria. Notwithstanding, a plausible number of them still fail due to several reasons: improper advice at their formation stage.   

Startups need swift, quality and accessible legal services to see them through their developmental phase. This is where OAL comes in. We contribute to how they create, discover, secure, and optimize their creative goods and services, enabling them to expand rapidly.

OAL provides legal, structural, and regulatory solutions to entrepreneurs and startups to help them navigate all stages of their growth process, including incorporation, structuring, compliance, funding options, and employee stock options, among other things.

Our guidance to emerging growth companies includes:

The SMEDAN report confirms that over 86% of Nigeria's businesses fall under the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) category. These businesses are crucial to the growth of the economy. Despite the hugely dominating numbers of these startups, most of them fail to grow.

Startups & MSME Law
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Startups & MSME Law