Privacy Policy

1. About us

At Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL), we are dedicated to protecting the privacy of the personal data that is given to us or that we collect as part of our company operations, as well as the personal data we receive from website visitors.

This privacy statement outlines our practices for gathering and using any personal data we may have about you as well as your rights in connection with that data. It also outlines how to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries about this privacy statement or wish to lodge a grievance with us regarding the way we treat your personal data.

On our websites, we utilize cookies. The Cookies policy should be read in conjunction with this Privacy policy.

2. What data about you do we gather, and how?

2.1 Commercialization and consumer acceptability

As part of our business development initiatives and our business acceptance process, we gather personal data about potential clients and their beneficial owners or controllers. Name, residence, nationality, business interests, and job history are the kinds of personal information that we might gather. We get this data from freely accessible public sources.

2.2 Providing legal services and keeping you informed of significant marketing

Your name, contact information (such as your address, email address, and telephone numbers), and identifiers like your organization, job history, and positions held are examples of the kind of personal information that we may collect. Your IP address, as well as the operating system and web browser you use to access our websites, give us personal information about you. It helps us to determine which businesses have visited our websites, and we utilize this data to gather statistical information on how those websites are used to help us enhance user experience.

We administer the firm’s contact information through a third-party service provider that also sends emails informing you of our services, legal updates, and invitations to Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL) events (including those we may jointly host with other organisations).

By selecting the “Managing your preferences” link at the bottom of the emails, you can manage the information that we provide to you through our direct marketing function. You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing mailings about our services by email or post at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in the email’s footer or by sending an email to

2.3 Employment

You could be required to submit personal information, including special categories of personal information, if you apply for a position, a work experience opportunity, or an event at the company (for example, details of extenuating circumstances). Your affirmative agreement to our use of this information will be given when you apply directly to us or through a recruitment agency. This information will be used to evaluate your application for a job with Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL). Additionally, we might use the data to confirm the accuracy of the information you submitted (including reference, background, identity, suitability etc.).

2.4 Visitors (including former partners)

We will gather personal information, such as your name, contact information, email address, details about your employment with and after the firm, and any other information we may have received from you that is relevant to the alumni programme, if you are a former partner or employee who has joined or wishes to join our alumni program.

This data is used to stay in touch with you and encourage participation in the program. You are free to give us any amount of information you like. On a need-to-know basis, we may disclose your personal information to third parties who assist us in planning events that you could be invited to.

3. How we use your information that we gather

We shall only make use of your personal data to the extent permitted by relevant legislation. Therefore, we will only process your personal data if: • it is required to carry out a contract with you or the company you work for;

  • it’s required in order to fulfill a legal responsibility;
  • You have granted your approval (where applicable) to such usage, or the company you work for has done so in order to share your information with us;
  • if your interests or your rights and freedoms are not superseded by our (or a third party’s) legitimate interest. These legitimate interests include offering legal services, managing the business of the firm, and promoting pertinent services.
  • determine whether to proceed with particular business development activities; • fulfill our legal duties to accurately identify and confirm the identities of our clients and their beneficial owners;
  • if you are a customer, provide legal services to you and/or the company you work for;
  • manage the company’s operations (e.g., do administrative or operational tasks, such as hiring);
  • continue to grow and sustain our commercial connection with you;
  • If you or the company you work for is a client or prospective client, we may improve our services with you;
  • identify services you may be interested in;
  • send you marketing and invitations to events;
  • track and analyze our business; or
  • handle and address requests, inquiries, or complaints that we receive from you.

Your personal information will only be kept by us for as long as it’s required to fulfill the reasons for which it was obtained, including to meet any legal, regulatory, accounting, or reporting requirements. Unless we agree otherwise with you in writing, personal information processed in connection with our business acceptance processes and/or rendering legal services will be retained in accordance with the firm’s Retention and deletion policy. Please email if you have any questions about the firm’s retention and destruction policy or any of the firm’s various retention periods.

4. How and why do we disseminate your personal data?

Due to factors including our common IT infrastructure and/or working across jurisdictions on a given problem, we may share your personal information with our offices and affiliated partnerships. We employ outside parties to carry out tasks for us, and we may share your information with them. For instance, a technology provider may have access to your personal information when providing software support, or a firm we hire for a communications campaign may handle the processing of our contacts’ personal information. Your personal information might also need to be disclosed to courts, government agencies, regulators, and other third parties.

Only when you have given us permission to do so, or when the company you work for has done so, and when we are required to do so by law, regulation, or professional standards, may we share your personal information with third parties.

5. Third party sites

Links on our websites lead to third-party-controlled websites on other domains. You should review the privacy practices of these other websites. We disclaim any liability for how they use your personal information.

6. Your rights

Regarding the personal information we hold, you have certain rights that you may exercise in certain situations. These rights include:

  • request access to your personal information (known as a subject access request) and request certain information in relation to its processing;
  • request rectification of your personal information;
  • request the erasure of your personal information;
  • request that we restrict the processing of your personal information; and
  • object to the processing of your personal information.
  • request access to your personal information (also known as a subject access request) and specific information about how it is processed;
  • ask us to restrict how we use your personal information;
  • ask us to delete your personal information;
  • ask us not to use your personal information at all.

You have the right to revoke your consent at any time for any processing of your personal information that you may have, in some restricted situations, given approval to the collection, processing, and transfer of for a particular purpose. The firm will no longer use your information for the purpose(s) you first agreed to once we are notified that you have withdrawn your consent, unless we have another legal basis for doing so.

To exercise any of these rights, please get in touch with us by sending an email to