Probate and Estate Administration

We help clients develop succession plans and implement Motus property protection services.

Top Probate & Estate Administration Law Firm in Nigeria

Our Lawyers assist Executors and Administrators in estate representation and management.

We represent beneficiaries, heirs, administrators, executors, trustees, conservators/conservatees in cases concerning disputing a will or trust, claims of breach of fiduciary duty, fiduciary misconduct, and fraud investment mismanagement, financial elder abuse, incapacity, and undue influence.

We assist clients in creating succession plans and posting Motus property protection services. Our firm is regularly appointed as trustees and as executors of our client’s estates following probate.

What we offer:

Have you been appointed as a trust or will beneficiary? Have you lost a loved one who died without a will and need assistance finding out what to do next? We will assist you.

Probate and Estate Administration

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Probate and Estate Administration