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Olisa AGbakoba Legal has ranked one of the best international trade and investment law firm in Nigeria, demonstrating its depth and scope in all areas of international trade and investment law to clients and peers.

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Appreciating the requirements and impact of multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements and country-specific national trade policies on trade and investment can prove challenging.

At OAL, we help our clients navigate the complexities and challenges that characterise International Trade and Cross jurisdictional investment. Our team of trade and investment experts routinely advise corporations, financial institutions, individuals, governments and their agencies on matters concerning trade defences, remedies and countervailing measures/duties, trade finance, high-level trade policy development and execution, treaty negotiation, trade sanction regimes, anti-dumping, safeguards, government procurement, anti-bribery laws and general cross-border transactions.

We help clients understand tariff applications and comply with customs rules and codes and export and import controls measures. At OAL, we leverage our extensive industry knowledge and internal practice synergy in supporting our clients. For example, our team of intellectual property and dispute resolution experts collaborate with our trade and investment group to guide our clients on matters concerning international trade and investment disputes and the trade-related aspect of intellectual property. Mainly, we ensure our clients receive strategic and timely advice on product and service market access and integration into the Nigerian market by leveraging our unparalleled experience in national and international business regulation and practice.

Overall, we aim to help clients maximise the market opportunities and value chain through our in-depth and extensive industry knowledge while simultaneously assisting the Nigerian Government in developing and promoting mutually favourable and enabling trade and investment policies and legislation. Our expertise in this area has seen us as being retained by the Attorney General of the Federation, Nigeria to advise on appropriate legal framework for a Trade policy in Nigeria.


We provide advice and representation on matters involving:

  • Cross Border Transaction
  • Import/Export Compliance
  • Cross border Trade Finance
  • Transactional Due Diligence and Investigation
  • General Trade Policy (Interpretation, Development & Execution)
  • Trade Agreement and Treaty Negotiation
  • Foreign Direct and Portfolio Investment
  • Customs and Border Administration
  • Product Regulation and Standards
  • The trade-related aspect of Intellectual Property
  • Technology and Trade.
  • Trade Sanctions and Restrictions

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