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We comprehend the law's role in driving change, and therefore, we take the lead in initiating discussions on national policy and legislative advancements.

Government & Public Sector Law Firm in Nigeria

At OAL, we understand the complex legislative and regulatory environment in which businesses, companies and trade associations operate. We help them navigate this challenging terrain by providing policy and legal advice that removes barriers to commercial success. We have a strong track record of successfully guiding clients through complex regulations, making representations before industry-specific regulators, investigating committees of the National Assembly, and public hearings on bills.

As Nigeria’s leading government and public sector law firm, we bring together legal and economic policy experts to raise issues, discuss them, and ensure that solutions are implemented. We assist governments, multilateral agencies, and organizations in addressing complex development issues. OAL facilitates active engagement with elected and appointed leaders in the executive and legislative arenas at the local, state, and federal levels. We work with key players on both the majority and minority sides in the legislative body and with staff in the relevant government departments and agencies.

Our team comprises experienced lawyers and government relations professionals with in-depth understanding of the legislative and regulatory process, as well as the roles and decision-making processes of key governmental and regulatory entities. They are highly knowledgeable about the various economic sectors in Nigeria that are regulated and have been entrusted with important tasks such as drafting laws, developing regulations for approval by regulatory authorities and setting rates in specific sectors. Our team is a trusted source of counsel to the government in law and policy making.

OAL's Government Relations & Public Sector range of services includes:

As the leading government & public sector law firm in Nigeria, OAL assists government at Federal, State and Local levels as well as multilateral development agencies address complex development issues.

Government & Public Sector
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