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We offer legal advisory services, representation, and documentation for real estate transactions.

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The OAL Real Estate Practice group takes pride in its agile, robust and proactive workforce, endowed with extensive local and international procurement and conveyancing experience with unwavering dedication. Our deliberate approach ensures that our clients’ interests are prioritized, and real estate transactions are in line with the relevant laws and regulations.

Our adept team of lawyers has built up several decades’ worth of knowledge and expertise across all facets of real estate transactions. We offer expert guidance to both companies and individuals in matters pertaining to property development and acquisitions. Our capabilities extend to addressing issues spanning not only acquisition but to dispute resolution in real estate, also providing a wide range of value-added services, such as legal counsel on property issues, in addition to our core offerings.

Our extensive expertise spans the following areas;

At OAL, our team comprises a robust and proactive workforce, equipped with extensive experience and unwavering dedication. We prioritize our clients' interests, ensuring that all real estate transactions adhere meticulously to relevant laws and regulations.

Real Estate

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Real Estate