We comprehend the use of technology in business and assist our clients in aligning their legal strategies with all relevant issues.

Top Technology Law Firm in Nigeria

The application of technology as a multi-applicable resource makes it a challenging but essential area of focus. For example, we apply technology to every sphere of life like trade, logistics, manufacturing, banking, sports, defence, medicine and even entertainment. This dynamism, however, reflects the flexibility we display when advising our clients on this subject.

Our team of experts regularly advise clients on technology-related transactional and regulatory matters in a broad industry range. We leverage our far-reaching expertise as a firm and offer our clients a well-integrated legal advisory service, combining our business expertise and practical experience with extensive legal analysis without compromising the viability of the solutions provided.

We understand technology’s applicability and business as a resource and help our clients coordinate their approach to all legal questions. Our advisory range covers technology regulatory and compliance, Intellectual property, Technology transfer and procurement, technology finance, Data protection and privacy advisory, General technology contract negotiations etc.

We regularly advise and represent clients in the following technology-specific industries:

As a leading full-service technology law firm, we serve technology companies in a broad variety of services, including protection of intellectual property, marketing support, transactions and legal services.


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