Sports, Entertainment and Technology

Our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the commercial nature and value within the sports, entertainment, media, and technology ecosystems, encompassing a global perspective on these industries.

Sports, Entertainment and Technology Law Firm in Nigeria

Our Sports, Entertainment, Media and Technology (SET) practice forms part of the Corporate/Commercial Group. We are a leading Sports, Entertainment, Media and Tech Law firm in Nigeria possessing extensive practical knowledge of the local and international sports, entertainment, media and technology industries.

Our SET lawyers have represented a diverse array of clients, of all sizes , from authors,  athletes, sporting federations and associations, clubs, entrepreneurs, film directors, influencers, technology companies and more. We are client-focused and results-driven.

Our team operates with a complete understanding of the commercial value and nature of the sports, entertainment, media and technology ecosystems and the global outlook of these industries.

We understand the need for our clients to be highly competitive and help them achieve this by providing specialised and efficient legal and business support and guidance. Given the dynamism and vibrancy of the creative industry in Nigeria, we have positioned ourselves to support our clients by leveraging our long-standing history and expertise in shaping the regulatory and commercial environment in Nigeria.

We assist clients at any stage of their business life cycle. We prioritise our clients’ interests and strive to produce winning results continually.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – arbitration, negotiation and mediation services
  • Advisory – Regulatory and Compliance
  • Regulatory and Business Advisory
  • Player/ Athlete Contracts
  • Due Diligence
  • Commercial Endorsement and sponsorship Deals
  • Drafting and Review of Investor Term Sheets
  • Drafting and Review of  Influencer Agreements
  • Drafting and Review of Literary Representation Agreements.
  • Drafting and Review of Talent Management Agreements
  • Entertainment Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Music rights
  • Intellectual Property Rights – Copyright, Trademarks,
  • Licensing and Distribution Agreements 
  • Project Financing

OAL as a topnotch Sport, Entertainment and Technology law firm in Nigeria is made up of intelligent and bright legal minds that have extensive knowledge of local and international laws as well as regulations in these industries.

Sports, Entertainment and Technology
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Sports, Entertainment and Technology