Environmental Justice

OAL's environmental justice legal team operates collaboratively, leveraging the diverse expertise within the group to provide top-tier advice on multifaceted issues.

Environmental Justice Law Firm in Nigeria

Environmental justice has become an increasingly prominent issue in federal and state regulatory frameworks and corporate policies. Compliance is essential as it serves as a key metric for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and impacts business permits, existing operations, and targeting for enforcement.

As a leader in this emerging area, OAL has assembled the most accomplished environmental justice legal team to help clients deal with these multifaceted issues. Our lawyers collaborate closely to deliver top-tier advice on complex environmental justice concerns. They are viewed as innovative thinkers in this field, having created forums for environmental law experts to collaborate on the latest developments.

We provide value to clients through the following environmental justice services:

  • Defending organizations and individuals in enforcement actions under federal and state environmental laws, including conducting internal investigations where environmental justice is a factor.
  • Handling all aspects of civil and criminal environmental litigation.
  • Advising clients on planning, permitting, and defending projects considering environmental justice factors, while maintaining compliance with emerging federal and state statutes, regulations, and guidance.
  • Developing and implementing enterprise-wide or facility-specific environmental policies, procedures, training programs, and compliance audits incorporating environmental justice.
  • Conducting enterprise-wide or facility-specific reviews to identify potential environmental justice issues and mitigation strategies.
  • Assisting clients in developing robust incident response programs to prepare personnel for incidents like fires, explosions, chemical releases etc. in environmental justice communities.
  • Handling legal responses to potential and actual environmental, toxic tort, and catastrophic events in environmental justice communities.
  • Engaging with federal and state agencies and stakeholders throughout the rulemaking process for proposed environmental justice regulations and policies.

OAL has positioned itself as a leader in this emerging field. The firm has strategically assembled a team of highly accomplished legal professionals specializing in environmental justice.

Environmental Justice
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