Nigeria in 2023: Business, Politics, and Everything In-Between


In a dynamic and ever-changing world, understanding the business, political, and social dynamics of a nation is vital. The Franco-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI) and Thompson & Grace Investments Limited join forces to present an insightful event that delves into the heart of Nigeria in 2023.

Event Highlights:

  • Business Insights: Uncover the latest developments, opportunities, and challenges within Nigeria’s business landscape.
  • Political Discourse: Gain a deeper understanding of the political climate and its implications for the nation’s future.
  • Everything In-Between: Navigate through the diverse facets of Nigerian society, from culture to economy, and beyond.

This symposium promises to be an enlightening platform, bringing together experts and thought leaders to dissect the complexities of Nigeria in 2023. Join us on this journey of exploration and insight.

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