In View of the P & IDL Case, Should Nigeria Adopt a National Arbitration Policy?


The recent Arbitration award secured by Process and Industrial Development Limited (P&IDL) against Nigeria has sparked significant debate within the legal and business communities. Central to this discussion is whether Nigeria should embrace a National Arbitration Policy (NAP).

In our enlightening webinar, we brought together prominent experts from the Nigerian Arbitration Community to delve into this complex issue.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding the P&IDL Arbitration Award: Gain insights into the specifics of the P&IDL case and its implications for Nigeria.
  • Pros and Cons of a National Arbitration Policy: Explore the arguments for and against the adoption of a NAP in Nigeria.
  • Expert Analysis: Hear from leading voices in the Nigerian arbitration field as they dissect the potential benefits and challenges.
  • Legal and Economic Perspectives: Understand the legal, economic, and international aspects of this critical decision.

Join us in this important conversation that has far-reaching consequences for the legal and business landscape in Nigeria. The journey to determining the country’s stance on a National Arbitration Policy is a path paved with insights, analysis, and expertise.


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