Pitfall and Controversy in the Land Use Act


Prior to the introduction of the Land Use Act (LUA), there were widespread concerns regarding the exorbitant cost of land in Nigeria. This presented significant challenges, not only to individuals but also to governments seeking land for various developmental purposes.

Land ownership was predominantly concentrated in the hands of a select few influential individuals who often refused to release it to the government, even when it was for public benefit. And when they did release the land, it was often at a price far beyond its market value.

The Land Use Act has been the subject of criticism and controversy over the years, with various stakeholders calling for its amendment or outright repeal.

The Land Use Act, like any other law, is not without its pitfalls and controversies. Some of the main issues and controversies surrounding the Land Use Act include: Lack of adequate compensation from the government to land owners, delay in obtaining land titles, the concentration of land ownership in the hands of a few individuals and corporations, difficulty in accessing land for agriculture, inadequate provision for compensation for mineral resources, the Act has been accused of promoting land speculation, as it is often more profitable to hold on to land rather than develop it.

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