Contract Drafting, Contract Review & Due Diligence Services

Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL) is a respected contract drafting, contract review and due diligence services provider with an in-house team of lawyers who have the requisite experience, training, and skills to offer a wide variety of legal services, including contract drafting services, contract review services as well as due diligence contract services. 

Contract Drafting & Review Services

OAL has a team of lawyers and attorneys from all over the world who have the necessary skills and expertise to draft legal contracts and review contracts in a way that they comply with legal regulations. Following are some forms of contract requirements that we undertake –

Partnership or Joint Venture Agreement

When two businesses plan to enter into a business deal and collaborate, a partnership or joint venture agreement is required. These terms and conditions make it easier for companies to understand their position, liability, share of profits and losses, and who the decision-maker is, making for smooth business operations. It also includes terms for the parties to follow when the relationship or collaboration is broken.

Employment Contract

Employees sign employment contracts with the company, which specify a few terms and conditions that tie the employee to the company. This may include things like obligatory duty, payment, and assessment.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows the beneficiary to make medical, legal, or financial decisions for another individual. A power of attorney empowers an individual to make critical decisions on behalf of others in the above-mentioned circumstances.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent contractor arrangements cover a variety of topics, such as wages, taxation, and pay, that are exclusive to independent contractors that are not full-time employees of a firm or corporation.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement is a contract between two parties or between a corporation and an employee that protects the company’s secrets. When you reveal these secrets to another company or employee, the NDA binds the company or employee to keep certain information fully confidential.

Shareholder's and Stockholder's Agreement

A shareholder’s or stockholder’s agreement is a contract between a company’s shareholders or stockholders. While larger corporations use their constitutional documents to bind shareholders, smaller corporations, such as start-ups, use the SHA instead.

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement contains the terms and conditions, rules, and provisions that must be adhered to when making financial and operational decisions for the company. The members of a limited liability company or LLC are legally bound by the terms of the agreement when they sign it.

Other types of Contracts and Agreements

In addition to the contracts and agreements mentioned above, we assist various types of businesses with other contracts and agreements. Company purchase agreements, bill of sale, non-compete agreements, articles of incorporation, and several more are among them.

Employment Contract

Employees sign employment contracts with the company, which specify a few terms and conditions that tie the employee to the company. This may include things like obligatory duty, payment, and assessment.

Legal Due Diligence Services

Mitigate risks in the project delivery phase by leveraging OAL’s due diligence services. Our team of experienced legal due diligence experts is qualified in all aspects of legal due diligence, so you can trust that we can analyze the possible action from all angles and provide you with an objective and reliable evaluation. We consider all legal implications, including governing documents, relevant laws and restrictions, and how they will affect the proposed deal and your company after it is completed. We’ll present our findings in a simple, easy-to-understand document that gives you a complete picture of the situation.

Intellectual Property

Any agreement needs a detailed understanding of the intellectual property involved. In the case of mergers and acquisitions, this is particularly true.

Any intellectual property owned by your target company, including designs, trademarks, domain names, copyright, and patents, will be thoroughly assessed by our intellectual property service. The true value of all intellectual property would then be determined. This provides you with the critical knowledge you need to make successful intellectual property purchases, sales, or acquisitions.

We also learn about the current status and rights of all intellectual property objects, as well as any limitations on their use that may exist.

KYC (Customer Due Diligence)

KYC due diligence, also known as “know your customer” due diligence, is the method of checking that a prospective associate or partner is who they claim to be. This move is important for your own peace of mind as well as ensuring that every agreement you make is absolutely legal.

Our team will conduct extensive background checks on the owner and other key players in the transaction. We look at credit worthiness and the veracity and trustworthiness of their background as part of our tests.

We’ll look into any possible money laundering, financial fraud, or other shady dealings so you can go forward knowing that you’re dealing with the right people (or withdraw from negotiations if need be).

Strategic and M&A Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions are complicated business transactions that come with a lot of risk. Our strategic and M&A due diligence service provides you with a comprehensive understanding of all parties’ perspectives, the possible next move, and the anticipated outcome of any phase of the bidding process.

We examine both parties’ business objectives to determine how your prospective buyer is approaching the transaction and what their next steps are likely to be. If you’re the one bidding, we’ll look at the shareholders and other stakeholders to see what they’re looking for in the deal and how they’re likely to respond.

Our strategic and M&A due diligence service provides details on every aspect of the deal.

Reputational Due Diligence

If you’re thinking of buying a company or forming a relationship, you should conduct reputational due diligence first. You must understand how your target company is viewed, as well as any potential threats or issues. This is critical for any company, but it is particularly critical if you are entering an unfamiliar international market.

We look at everything from global enforcement, government watch lists, and anti-corruption information to public records and even local consumers and people familiar with the business as part of our reputational due diligence service.

Prior to entering into any transaction, reputational due diligence identifies possible risks.

Employment Due Diligence

Employment due diligence is a must if you’re trying to recruit a new employee or contactor. Employing an unsuitable worker can be highly expensive, costing you not only money in the recruiting and firing phase as well as salaries, but also time due to the employee’s inefficient performance and time spent terminating their contract.

Our Employment due diligence service includes a comprehensive background check that will reveal any red flags and provide you with an honest evaluation of your future employee and any problems.

For a complete picture, we look at criminal records, verify education and job backgrounds, trace social security numbers, review credit history, and check professional licenses and verifications.

Investment Due Diligence

You want to know that any investment you make is likely to be the right one for your company before you make it. A thorough review of any potential investment will help you relax and ensure that you only proceed with investments that are strong, legitimate, and above board in every way.

Our due diligence service assesses compliance and honesty in relation to your potential company, so you’ll be aware of any red flags or potential problems before you sign anything.

Many facets of investment are examined, including credibility, risk management, onboarding procedures, compliance screening, ethics, corporate social responsibility, fraud, counterfeiting, and embezzlement.

We look at credibility, risk management, onboarding procedures, enforcement screening, ethics, corporate social responsibility, fraud, counterfeiting, embezzlement, illicit selling, and anti-competitive conduct, among other things. In your behalf, we also conduct anti-bribery and anti-corruption screening.

Market Research

Market research is an integral component of any future business transaction. If your target has a well-established market of loyal, happy, and financially sound buyers, it’s a much safer and potentially more profitable investment.

We perform comprehensive research on your target’s consumers, sellers, distributors, and suppliers, and then conduct a series of confidential questionnaires to collect as much information as possible.

After we’ve completed our study, we’ll give you an in-depth overview of your target’s customers and sector. This covers everything from their supplier relationships to customer loyalty, brand value and credibility, creativity, and a comprehensive understanding of their customers’ needs, among other things.

We understand the critical role that well-drafted contracts play in the success and security of your business. Our team of experienced contract professionals is here to provide you with comprehensive support, from contract drafting to negotiation and review.

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