Federal High Court Practice Manual (2006)

This book is a single and convenient compilation of the Federal High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules and every other body of sub-rules in existence and applicable in the Federal High Court. A convenient table-top piece, quick-reference for all practitioners, including judges and lawyers, and every other person involved in research into the Federal High Court’s practice and procedure.

We have accompanied this compilation with commentaries and necessary references to decided cases, where such cases are available. Our experience in practice and in the course of the necessary research showed that in some cases practicing lawyers are unaware of the existence of some of the rules, and that judges, who on the other hand may be aware of the rules, do not enforce strict compliance with them. Ultimately, we believe that this book will also engender greater awareness in the full extent of the practice and procedure of the Federal High Court.

By Olisa Agbakoba


Olisa Agbakoba