OAL advised the Honourable Minister of Aviation on the importance of legislation to promote and develop Nigeria’s local domestic Aviation capacity.

The Advisory proposal reviewed the fragile state of domestic Aviation in Nigeria and recommended that, just like in the USA, the government of Nigeria needed to enact the FLY NIGERIA ACT.


The Aviation sector continues to be challenged and remains very fragile, OAL proposes that the FLY NIGERIA ACT becomes a key driver of aviation sector reform. The proposed FLY NIGERIA ACT is based upon the concept of aviation cabotage, which is a policy that adopts legislation as a means to ensure that public funds for air travels are reserved for Nigerian domestic air carriers.


The proposed FLY NIGERIA ACT, modeled upon the United States of America FLY AMERICA ACT, primarily requires government employees, consultants, contractors, and grantees, to use Nigerian air carrier services, for all air travels and cargo transportation services funded by the Nigerian government. The Fly America Act recorded huge success in driving the U.S aviation sector since its enactment in 1974. OAL has advised that the Fly Nigeria Act is expected to substantially boost domestic air business in Nigeria.


OAL has drafted and submitted a FLY NIGERIA Bill to the National Assembly. As part of OAL Advisory, the Minister of Aviation set up a committee to consider transformational policies for the Aviation Sector, including the establishment of a National Air carrier. OAL recommended that the transformational strategy for the Aviation sector should include Aviation Infrastructure development, with contribution to GDP estimated at N137Billion. The Advisory also called on the Minister of Aviation to consider the multiplier effect on job creation, hotels, industry, tourism, aviation manpower development and aircraft maintenance facilities, etc. The Advisory underscored the fact that 80% of global economic activities revolve around air transportation and that implementing legislative framework for the Aviation sector will have ground breaking impact on the Nigerian economy.


OAL Advisory on the need to enact a Fly Nigeria Act, continues to receive active consideration by the Government of Nigeria.

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