Consultation With the Attorney General On a Legal Framework To Support Nigeria’s Trade Policy

OAL has been retained by the Attorney General of the Federation of Nigeria to advice on appropriate legal framework of a Trade Policy for Nigeria.


OAL noted that Nigeria currently has no extant Trade Policy but understands that the Minister of Trade and Investment has issued a consultation paper to articulate a new Trade Policy for Nigeria. OAL has advised that a strong legal framework will be needed to guide Nigeria’s Trade Policy, as it has massive impact on economic growth and local productive capacity.


OAL has recommended that the Office of Trade Negotiator will require enabling legislation to effectively conduct its primary function relating to Trade. Legislation to establish the office of Trade Negotiator will facilitate its work and boost productive capacity of local industries. OAL has drafted a Trade Remedies Bill to support rules & regulations on Trade. OAL has proposed legislation to merge Nigeria’s Customs Service with Immigration to produce a new Border Force. OAL has advised government to thereafter establish the National Customs & Border Enforcement services.


OAL has also advised government to urgently review all 30 Bilateral Investment Treaties to make them conform with Nigeria’s Trade Policy interests. The Trade Policy legal framework advised by OAL is under consideration by the Office of the Attorney General.

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