The COVID 19 pandemic has negatively impacted Nigeria’s economy. Revenue has declined. Key sectors like manufacturing, maritime, aviation, hospitability and the creative industry suffered huge financial and job losses. As a result, the Federal Government of Nigeria is thinking Post COVID development reform.


The Attorney General of the Federation recognizing the key role of law engaged OAL as technical consultants to introduce critical legislation, policies and executive orders that can generate 10 million jobs and N4 trillion over the next 4 years. A Law and Development Committee was constituted at the Ministry of Justice with OAL as technical consultants. The Law and Development Committee commenced work on the project and as technical consultants, OAL developed a concept note for the project and a policy document around 8 sectoral themes:

  1. Financial Services
  2. National Trade Policy
  3. Transportation
  4. Land Administration
  5. Hydrocarbons and Solid Minerals
  6. Strengthening Anti-Corruption, Plea Bargain and Asset Recovery Measures.
  7. Administration of Justice (Civil and Commercial)
  8. Digital Economy


As a result of consultations OAL developed the following Bills:

  1. Strategic Revenue Growth and Recovery Bill
  2. Trade Remedies Bill
  3. Immunity from Prosecution (Moratorium) Bill
  4. Credit Guarantee Agency Bill
  5. Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiator Bill
  6. National Customs and Border Enforcement Bill
  7. Arbitration and Mediation Amendment Bill
  8. Land Use Administration Bill
  9. Administration of Civil Justice Bill
  10. Privacy and Data Protection Bill
  11. Ports and Harbours Bill
  12. Maritime Zones Bill
  13. Fly Nigeria Bill
  14. Prudential Regulatory Authority Bill
  15. Public Audit Bill
  16. National Space and Research Development Agency Bill


OAL held a national webinar on “How law can be a tool for money and job creation” from Thursday 26th to Friday 27th of November 2020 where the proposed legislation was reviewed by leading legal, economic and public policy experts.  OAL will soon present its report, policy document and legislative proposals to the Federal Ministry of Justice for consideration and action.

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