OAL Acts as Technical Consultant To Attorney General of the Federation on Legal And Development Policy

The Attorney General of the Federation recognizing the key role of law engaged OAL as technical consultants to introduce critical legislation, policies and executive orders that can generate 10 million jobs and N4 trillion over the next 4 years. A Law and Development Committee was constituted at the Ministry of Justice with OAL as technical consultants.

OAL Advises the Judiciary Courts in Nigeria on Speed of Justice

OAL for over 30 years has provided advisories to courts in Nigeria on Speed of Justice. The Advisory was the result of acute delays in banking cases caused by ineffective rules of procedure applicable to courts. OAL began a project called the Nigerian Court Procedures Project (NCPP) to significantly reduce or eliminate delays in trials by reforming the civil procedures system in superior courts.

OAL Advises the Government, Ministries and Agencies of Nigeria on Strengthening the Financial Services Sector

OAL provided Legal Institutional and Regulatory Advisory services to Government, Ministries and Agencies of Nigeria with a view to strengthen the Financial Services sector. The Financial Services Sector (FSS) is the oxygen and lifeblood of a strong economy. However, the Nigerian Financial Services system is not operating optimally because many key legislation and institutions are absent.