The Fundamentals of Law and Shipping

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As part of its ongoing commitment to fostering growth within the Nigerian maritime sector, Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL) is collaborating with the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping (NCS) to host a comprehensive training program. This initiative aims to elevate the understanding and expertise of stakeholders in various aspects of maritime law and shipping operations.

The primary goal of the proposed training program is to provide essential knowledge and insights into the fundamental aspects of law and shipping. By targeting a diverse range of maritime stakeholders, including marine insurers, arbitrators, ship owners, brokers, seafarers, academics, lawyers, and law graduates, the program seeks to address the specific information needs of each participant group.

The “Fundamentals of Law and Shipping” training program represents a significant opportunity for maritime stakeholders to enhance their understanding of key legal and operational aspects within the industry. By fostering collaboration between OAL and the NCS, this initiative aims to contribute to the overall growth and development of the Nigerian maritime sector.

Course Outline:

1) Carriage of Goods by Sea
2) Basics of Admiralty Law
3) Ship Brokerage
4) Maritime Arbitration
5) Marine Pollution and Safety at Sea
6) Rights of Seamen and Maritime Workers
7) Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims

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OAL Maritime Trainning - The Fundamentals of Law and Shipping

The "Fundamentals of Law and Shipping" training program will cover a wide range of topics essential to the maritime industry. Key areas of focus will include:

Babatunde Lot Ogungbamila

Prof Emmanuel Okon


Babatunde Lot Ogungbamila

Babatunde Ogungbamila

Partner, OAL.

Ifeoma Ezenwa

Ifeoma Ezenwa

Senior Associate, OAL.

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