What Our Interns Say About Us

Will Hardwick

“Firstly, I would just like to say once again, thank you for this unique opportunity. It has been an honour to be OAL’s first virtual legal intern. It has been very rewarding and enlightening for me and has certainly confirmed the idea that I want to pursue a legal career in the Sports, Entertainment and Technology sectors.

In terms of feedback, I found the research element to the work did particularly challenging but it really pushed me to try and produce a great piece of work which I hope I did. Researching into private equity firms’ involvement in sport was fascinating and it has instilled in me a real deep interest in that topic.

I found when I sat in on the client meeting with Dolphin Aquatic very informative. I had never seen or heard how a solicitor-client meeting was conducted, so I learnt a lot from listening to Beverley and the guys.

Also I would recommend the work experience to any fellow British student as it provides a fantastic opportunity to network globally with a firm based in another country.

Finally, I was really encapsulated by the S.E.T Growth Capsule project. Once again researching into SAFE investments and topics to discuss with early-stage companies was illuminating. It highlighted the kind of issues and challenges that entrepreneurs and early-stage companies face. This part of the work experience along with the research into private equity in sport, has really heightened my knowledge in commercial situations, which was something I was seeking to improve upon prior to the week.

I hope this helps with anybody who decides to undertake the virtual work experience in the future.”


Will Hardwick
OAL Virtual Intern

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