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As the leading public sector law firm in Nigeria, OAL assists government at Federal, State and Local levels as well as multilateral development agencies address complex development issues.

Public Sector Law Firm in Nigeria

At OAL, our commitment transcends the private sector. We examine the role of law, legal institutions, and legal systems in domestic and international jurisdictions and advocate for the need to recognise the intersection between law, economics and social welfare.

We continually and comparatively review the law, rules governing international financial institutions, the domestic micro-economic policy to contribute to the development of law and the effectiveness of its application.

At OAL, we understand how the law fosters change; consequently, we lead the way in driving conversations around national policy and legislative developments.

As the leading public sector law firm in Nigeria, OAL assists governments at every level (Federal, State, and local) and multilateral developmental agencies in addressing complex development issues.

We help our clients manage risks, improve measures and enhance the overall quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of public service through regulatory reforms and disciplined programme oversight.  In delivering our services, we ensure the promotion of public-private synergy with us in the middle.

Our services extend to international bodies doing work in Nigeria. We assist the navigate the legal and regulatory terrain in Nigeria.

We at the forefront of public affairs. For example, we host a Policy Dialogue Series that highlights the law’s impact on economic development. The Policy Dialogues and other incidental programs is an annual event that started with the 2014 Legal/Business Summit.

As the leading public sector law firm in Nigeria, we bring together legal and economic policy experts to raise issues, discuss them, and ensure that solutions are implemented.


Our tools of engagement are as follows;

  • Consultancy
  • Advisory
  • Research
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Strategic Impact Litigation
  • Dialogues
  • Client Support/ hand-holding

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Excellent work. The OAL as a whole impressed me with its consistency and hard work. Without a doubt, I would advise someone in need of an arbitration lawyer to give OAL their best shot. Good people who want to make us happy. Thank you a lot.

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To be honest, Olisa Agbakoba Legal is a pleasure to work with. They handle your case as though it were their own, and they treat you as family members rather than clients. We wish OAL the best of luck and will recommend them for any potential legal advice.

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